When I See Her

I see an unshakable, blinding light,
perched everlastingly between eternity and I,
and as I stand here, gazing off into its recesses,
I feel an unconditional desire to reach my hand out
to hold onto it.
Stumbling; unconscious inconsistency.
The burning today – now – frowns at me in farewell.
Her touch forces my eyes to fall into a dark recess of submission,
and I quietly wait for a cloud.
Finally, the journey begins. Without warning,
I give an unregrettable sigh, and I neglect to look back.
Within this moment, the burning light matches the burning within me,
as if one with the flame of life.
Descending into an abyss of a never-ending cycle,
she is suspending in memory.
Now the lengthening shadows of continuing existence
pull me further down
this man-made course. Frontal pictures
of reverse imagery fade.
Now I am wrapped within the darkness of truth,
guided home by the factors of experience,
and strengthened by the warmth of memory.
But shading passes between the eyes
of those who search for meaning.
Without the innocent meandering of insightful pondering,
not even the impossible
withstand the supposition of possibility. Through negative experience,
trial, and error soft intake of the unknown
variables of reality tear through the squandering of search,
and tower over all chaotic and simple.
The spiraling figures of mentality
wraps its sandy fingers around the necks of them,
squeezing away their prospect of normality; forgotten.

your whilom enduring through task and terror,
the dark shadow that will follow you to death,
we fear his presence upon your heart.
My lamenting tears scream for more years
through trial and error, but I hear no response
Though I have no heaven, I pray for thee;
a piece of mind, my heart, my world, and everything between.
This undulation, your history, equals your pain & your glory.
Though I vow to be strong for you, I cry, for a piece of my mind,
my heart, my world, and everything between,
and beyond the mountain to cross
this instance, your soul awaits, and we watch.
And so, should lights that shine so bright
one day begin to trickle and fade away,
we’ll be left with sweet and softened thoughts..
memories of a burning sun.

I miss you, I love you, and am forever in love with your memory.