Cruelty is Lethal in Small Doses

By Natalie Cribari

Here’s the story of a junior high girl,
Who felt so empty inside.
She was torn and ripped by ignorant kids,
They teased away her pride.
She was a sweet girl, curious and kind
She’d never harm a soul
BUT the torture she endured
Sliced right through her heart
And on her spirit took its toll.
They spat and they cursed,
Laughed and they hollered,
Called her every imaginable name.
(This happened so much that she began to believe it!)
And herself, she started to blame.
Her body became heavy,
Her thoughts became crude,
Her soul became so weak.
She couldn’t force as smile, a wink, or a nod
Nor force herself to speak
She dreaded everyday with an unpleasant sigh,
Her sweet heart was cast in stone.
It was at this point, she realized her life,
For the majority, she’d be alone.
She cried every night, but her tears
Did not heal
The hole inside her heart
She knew that she’d soon meet
Her dark fate.
And her life would then fall apart…
At one time she WAS HAPPY!
But they stole her pride,
As mean as kids can be.
This could have been avoided!
So watch what you say, Children,
Take it from me.
So this sad story ends with a sad little girl
That decided to take her own life
This was a result, of a bunch of foolish kids,
Who caused her all her strife!