Laura’s Eulogy

By LaURa PaiL

(Written MaRch 29, 2006)


tWenty years Old, BeaUtifuL aNd fuLl of liFe,
NaTalie was A buRning flaMe, blOwn ouT tOo sooN bY thE mouTh of God.
She diEd mArch 28, a dAy thAt maRks thE daY of BirtH of oUr beLovEd LinDsay.
noW theY arE toGetHer, CouSins again- boTh fRee frOm thE PaiN tHey eaCh sUffeRed.
TheiR aMaZinG sMileS and PenEtrating eYeS
wiLL foReVer leaVe an iMpriNt oN ouR nOw reStless MinDs.
NaTaliE, tO saVe yoU frOm thAt eVil drUg, a neVeR enDing tasK,
bUt oNe thAt waS alWayS aBouT OuR loVe foR You-
a loVe so StroNg iT caN be SeeN iN thE noW teArFul eYeS oF yOur FaMily
aNd all ThoSe wHo suRrouNd yOu toDay.
We loVed yoU so MucH aNd lOve YoU now So mUcH, iT pHySicallY HuRts.
OuR eYeS bUrn fRom tHe TeArs we SheD toGethEr,
HaNd in hAnd. OuR sToMachS, tiEd iNto KnOts
aS wE sTarE BlanKly iNto eaCh otHers eYeS wiTh soRroW aNd AnGuisH,
yEt alSo wiTh a nEveR enDing LoVe. We coMe toGethEr noW as A fAmiLy
to lAy to ReSt oNe oF oUr oWn.
YoU aRe witH God anD all ThoSe wHo haVe goNe bEfore us
at PeAce, aWay fRom all tHe hArm tHat soUgHt afTeR yOu.
You will FoReveR bE a bRiGht liGht tHat sHinEs foR tHe faMilY
and FriEnds wHo aRe heRe to HoNor YouR MemOry
and To hOnoR yOur bEaUtiFul SpiRit.
You will bE MisSed, Nat-Nat, and nEveR ForGottEn.