For a Lost Soul

By Natalie Cribari

(Written Fall 2004)

When I go home
It feels dead inside
The air brings a sadness
That no one can hide
It’s your spirit I feel
That our house lacks
And I realize how much
I want my sister back
I remember last June
When we stayed at the beach
You brought me a freedom
I never myself could reach
You are my sister
And a beloved friend
Ignorantly, I believed
Our youth was far from end
But then your friend “H”
Became obsessive and rude
He stole you away
And changed your attitude
I fought for your time
Even bought it to keep our connection
“H” beat you black and blue
But you still preferred his affection
I realized you’d lost yourself
This wasn’t who you were
I denied this for awhile
Cuz’ outside you were still her
Then I looked in your eyes
They seemed lifeless and cold
And I realized I was really
Staring at your frozen soul
I cannot defrost you
Your heart must do that
The first love is self-love
I hope you find it, Nat-Nat.