We loved the way you smiled and laughed.
The beautiful hair and eyes to match.
The way you lived your life each day.
That’s why we miss you in every way.
You are part of all of us.
And we lost something too.
It’s hard to describe.
What were missing inside.
But we know it’s you.
Our lives have changed
Since that fateful day.
But we knew and understood.
You were on your way.
To be with God and family.
To rest in peace eternally.
We miss you because
Your not here.
But in our hearts your very near.
You will always be
Our child, and daughter.
We are your Mother, Father.
Sister and Brother.
When people ask
How many children we have?
We always say three.
And that’s a fact.
You may not be here
in the physical state.
But we feel your presence
And meditate.
And when were sad
And feeling blue.
And knowing not.
What to do.
We think of what
You’d say to us.
And its makes us laugh,
when you act tough.
So check in on us darling.
Now and again.
We always know.
When you are here.
When that beautiful crane does appear.
So send us that sign.
When we are sad.
And we’ll remember
We should be glad.
Your in heaven now.
And we’ll be there soon.
We’ll be together again.
And that’s just cool.
Love you so much Nat-Nat